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makeup mirror

Makeup Mirror

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, you know one item that ‘s nearly impossible to live without, that is if you want your makeup applied smoothly and properly. And that’s your makeup mirror!

Makeup mirrors are often forgotten and overlooked, at least until you don’t have one and then realize how essential they are to getting ready in the morning.

Whether it’s a mirror with a light or a vanity mirror without LED lights, having a mirror definitely makes the makeup application easier and allows you to relax. Whether you’re getting ready to go to work or preparing for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, having a quality makeup mirror can certainly make the task easier.

A good makeup mirror can often make the difference between a flawless application of your makeup and one that is anything but. So find one that has a good price and make the investment in one of several quality makeup mirrors today. You’ll find it’s well worth the price mark.

Will your mirror feature lighting? Will you use natural daylight to apply your makeup or do you want a mirror with light to help with your makeup application? There are many options to consider here, but it really comes down to if you prefer lighted mirrors or ones without lights. Your preference will also help to determine a final price point prior to your purchase. Keep in mind that natural light is generally considered to be the ideal choice for lighting, but having a mirror with lights is always a good backup.

Do you want or need a magnifying mirror? Magnifying mirrors can be beneficial in many situations, particularly if you wear glasses. But even if you have 20/20 vision, magnification can help when applying things like eyeliner or lip liner. Just remember that you have to be pretty close to the mirror in order to get a focused image. Three times to five times magnification are the most common types of magnification mirrors.



Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

72 pieces adjustable LEDs can light the most dark and poorly lit areas. The light is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling, protecting your eyes. 



AirExpect Makeup Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

The light on this makeup mirror is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling, protecting your eyes. Surrounded by 12 LED bulbs and coated with silver, this lighted vanity mirror can light the most dark and poorly lit areas. 



My Comfort Living Vanity Makeup Mirror

This Premium Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror has 9 light bulbs surrounds the DURABLE and ELEGANT ROSE GOLD mirror making easy to see your beautiful face. The LED bulbs have a 50,000 hours life span! No need to replace the bulbs.



VESAUR Professional 10" Lighted Makeup Mirror

This is a Hollywood Standard High-End 10″ Large-Size 5X Strong Magnification Dimmable Makeup Mirror. Features advanced configuration, superb durability and unique upscale outlook. If you want to have an exquisite makeup, this is an ideal choice!



KOOLORBS Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights

The Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror – An upgraded version of the best lighted makeup mirror product in the Amazon marketplace. 

What is the Best Makeup Mirror?

Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes and they’re certainly not a “one size fits all” proposition. You need to consider price, what options you want, what size mirror you want, if it will be a light mirror, a vanity mirror, etc.

Consider determining your general budget and searching online either via a price low to high or a price high to low search. This will help you in narrowing down your choices and allow you to find the mirror and the price that’s right for you.

What is the Best Lighted Mirror to Buy?

Vanity mirrors can come with lights or without. But if you’ve determined that a lighted mirror is best for you, then consider all of the different options and price points and find the one that’s best suited for your needs.

As with non-lighted mirrors, it’s best to list down the options that are most important to you and then conduct either a price low to high or a price high to low search that fits within your desired criteria.

A low to high price search is often best, because it allows you to see if the type of mirror you desire can be obtained without paying a high price.

Do I need a Makeup Mirror?

Do you need a mirror when applying your makeup at home? No, not really. Will it make the application of your makeup easier and better? Yes, absolutely!

There are so many mirrors available on the market today that there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find one for a good and reasonable price. You likely won’t even need your credit card, as so many of these items can be found for just a few dollars, though some higher end models can go for a much higher price.

To find a good price and the best mirror for you, determine exactly where in the home you’ll be applying your makeup and then find the best product and price for you.

With hundreds of choices, all at different price points, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a product to fit all of your wants and needs.



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