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Body Makeup for Girls

Body Makeup

For generations, body makeup has been designed specifically to cover up physical flaws on our faces. But as the years and modern technology have progressed, so have makeup choices.

Enter the concept of body makeup.

More of an art form in many ways, body makeup is really just a collection of traditional beauty products that can be used for the body, in addition to the face.

Some users just starting out can find it a bit strange putting makeup on other parts of the body. But in reality, it’s pretty much the same concept as face makeup.

Leg and body cosmetics are used for coverage of issues on the skin such as scratches, cuts, stretch marks, varicose veins, bruises and scars. Although some people aren’t all that concerned with the occasional leg scratch or with age spots, there are others who are greatly bothered by such things.

Take the bride on her wedding day, as an example. The last thing she likely wants is a skin imperfection out in the open for all to see on her big day.

Products that can be used on other parts of the body include concealer and body foundation, which can be applied either by yourself or by using a professional makeup artist.

There are multiple different types of body beauty items, including popular brands of leg makeup. Examples that can enhance your look include skin mists, self tanners for the face and body, blurring lotions, shimmering lotions, body foundation with SPF 25 and even combined leg and body makeup.

The trend of glowing skin has become much more popular recently, especially when the summer season begins in North America. With most people desiring healthy looking skin, especially when the weather is warm, companies have come out with many body shimmering alternatives such as sprays, lotions, luminous body foundation, creams and oils.

And heading to Hollywood, celebrity makeup artists have been tasked for years with making their clientele’s skin look good for a multitude of special events. Body makeup is commonly used on runways, red carpet premieres and photoshoots, as well as at many other star-studded events throughout the city.

What is the Best Body Makeup?

As with all beauty products, different skin types benefit from different items. No specific beauty item is going to be the right choice for every skin tone.

But there are some items that are more popular than others, even when it comes to the topic of body makeup. Popular brands in the U.S. include MAC, Dermablend, KKW Beauty and Sally Hansen.

When talking about the best body makeup products, it also depends on what it is that you want the cosmetics to do. Brands such as Dermacol are known for their pigmented foundations, as well as concealers that are commonly used to cover tattoos and sometimes even birthmarks on the skin.

Different companies are known for their different products. For example, if you’re searching for a more affordable tanning product, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a frontrunner in the field.



Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs Medium Glow - Duo Pack

This product looks like a natural glow and even covers scars and discolouration. It has a mild smell that doesn’t streak. 



Multiple Face & Body Makeup Balm

Effortlessly glides on with creamy texture Offers sheer mistake-proof color. Instantly creates shiny accents contours or highlights on skin



Body Coverage Perfector

Want flawless-looking skin? This stuff is amazing. Not only it covers the scars, it can even looks natural. This illuminator + camouflage is formulated to have buildable coverage that lasts over 24 hours. 





MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Foundation

A lightweight, water-gel, face and body foundation that provides sheer to buildable coverage with a natural-looking, dewy glow and flawless finish.



Self Tanner & Tanning Mitt Set

A very nice and easy to apply tanner product with a Pleasant Scent. It can even transform the palest skin into a radiant, head turning bronze you can wear with confidence.

What is the Best Leg Makeup on the Market?

Keeping in mind that there’s no single product on the market that will be the best for everyone, there are some popular choices to consider. Dermablend Leg and Body Cover is one that’s popular in America and can certainly be tried, as long as it benefits your specific wants and needs.

Some people need skin coverage, while others just want that special glow. Whatever the look you’re going for, there are more than enough choices in the marketplace today.

There are different levels of coverage that are featured in different products. There are light coverage items like BB creams and medium coverage foundation, as well as medium and full coverage foundations and concealers.

Along with coverage, whether it’s light, medium or full,  there’s also shimmer. But another category people battle with involves smoothing and blurring lotions that are designed to smooth out any bumps and give the appearance of soft, smooth legs.

How do you Apply Body Makeup?

Applying this type of makeup is done in many different ways and also depends on where the application will be. Just like with face makeup, you won’t use the same techniques for every beauty item.

For makeup on legs, it’s possible to use beauty sponges for creams and liquids (body foundation for example) just like you do on the face. A brush is another application method, but one of the most common is simply using your hands to spread the product like you would with a lotion.

In the instance of leg cosmetic sprays, apply onto the desired area and spread evenly. In cases like this, you may want to use a body lotion on top to make sure the product is being deposited evenly.

It’s always important to make sure that the product is even and that no streaks are visible, whether it be on the arms, the legs or on another area entirely. There are many other methods, tips and tricks to body cosmetics, but it all depends on the consumer’s personal preferences.

Commonly with body makeup products, the issues of transference and longevity are always part of the conversation, as well as full coverage when needed. No one wants their makeup to smear onto other surfaces, just like no one wants to accidentally get foundation all over their shirt after a hug.

Setting powders are always useful when it comes to setting the creams and liquids that are already laid down on the skin. Just like face makeup, loose setting powder is used to help ease the problem of transferring makeup.

Regardless of how and when you plan on using it, whether on arms or legs or other body parts, body makeup is a useful tool to have in your makeup bag or case. You don’t even need to have your own makeup artist, in order to achieve your desired look.




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