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Organic Makeup

Organic makeup entered the marketplace around the same time that people began paying more attention to their overall health and well being. But it’s also sort of revolutionized the beauty industry, offering new types of products for a segment of society that’s much choosier about what they put in their bodies and on their faces.

Look at the world around us and you’ll see inventions and creations that have literally changed the way we all live and breathe. Think about the iPhone, for example, and how it changed the way cell phones were used forever.

These types of makeup products are really the natural evolution of the industry into the 21st century. Considered to be much healthier for your skin, these natural make up products now comprise an ever growing segment of the cosmetic industry, accounting for a much larger market share than even just a few years ago.

Largely because of advancements in science, particularly chemistry, these products are now considered to be in the realm of “healthy” beauty items. And they’re being used more and more by women all around the world.

Healthy cosmetic products differ from regular makeup choices in that they lack several of the artificial components that have been common in the industry for generations. They also lack the same manufactured preservatives that extend the shelf life of cosmetics.

This also means that natural cosmetics lack the artificial fragrances that are often found in makeup products.

What does this mean for you? Well if you had your heart set on eyebrows that smell like chocolate cake or lip balms that exude a cotton candy scent, you’re out of luck.

Natural products also lack those doses of heavy metals that are sometimes hidden in heavily manufactured products, another reason why organic choices are considered healthier.

As with organic food at the grocery store, organic cosmetics are usually costlier than other alternatives. But they are much healthier, as well as safer for women with sensitive skin who may be prone to rashes and/or blotching.

One of the reasons to choose natural cosmetic products is the fact that they aren’t as harsh on your skin. They’re also more environmentally friendly, and Mother Earth can use all the help she can get.

Best Organic Makeup of 2020

What are the Best Organic Makeup Brands?

No one brand is going to be the right fit for everyone, so you’ll need to do some research and determine this on your own. Every person has different preferences and tastes, but there are specific natural makeup brands that are quite popular among natural makeup and beauty lovers.

When determining what makes a good pure make up brand, you want to think about ingredients, packaging, formulations and the health benefits for the user. These brands should have products that are healthy for the face and skin, while receiving bonus points for coming in recyclable packaging and being environmentally friendly.

RMS Beauty is one beauty line that stands out in the marketplace. This company refrains from refining, bleaching and deodorizing the ingredients that go into their pure and clean products, making them a popular choice among women who prefer organic brands.

RMS Beauty brands are also known for their inclusion of natural and organic ingredients, such as jojoba seed oil and shea butter, to make the face soft and the makeup natural.

Another natural cosmetic brand that stands out to eco-friendly product users is Kjaer Weis. Kjaer Weis is a natural beauty company that believes in being as healthy and as kind to your face as possible. 

Kjaer Weis provides reusable packaging, so the consumer can just buy a refill after running out of the product.

These brands are popular in the world of organic makeup, but they’re just two choices among many. So shop around and determine what the best beauty fit is for you and/or your makeup artist..



Eminence Herbal Eye Make-Up Remover

It removes eye make-up including waterproof mascara perfectly. Most of users are saying this product is highly recommended and very satisfied with the product’s result.



CLOVE + HALLOW Pressed Eyeshadow Palette

If your a makeup lover, you’ll sure definitely love this palette! It is pigmented and the colors are beautiful. The best clean eyeshadows you will try.



Mirabella Coverage Foundation

This products gives your fair skin a natural-looking color, without making your face look powdery, nor oily. It is easy to use and it blends in well and quickly.



Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit

If you’re into natural glowing makeup. You will love this product. It’s not easy to find a good quality and safe makeup and this is both. It’s goes on easily and gives good coverage. The colors are beautifully neutral and you can vary your coverage level.



Organic Bio Glow Liquid Foundation

Creamy, light on the skin, glow healthy finish, does not clog your pores. A totally worth it product to purchase. Definitely your new go to foundation.

Is the Organic Makeup really better?

In terms of taking good care of your skin and the environment, it definitely is. It’s simply better for the face due to the withdrawal of harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients. And being good for the environment, even one mascara tube at a time, is a considerable added benefit to using these products. 

“Clean beauty” is for the benefit of clean products on the face, regardless of skin tones, as well as helping with the cleansing of the world around us.

What are the Best Features of Organic Makeup?

The best features of organic beauty products include the natural ingredients, the overall finish, the packaging and the innovation. Companies that comprise the “clean makeup” industry work hard to ensure that their beauty lines are healthy and environmentally friendly. 

Products with unprocessed ingredients give the consumer a fresh and clean feel, while at the same time lessen their carbon footprints. The cosmetics don’t include artificial chemicals of any kind and diminish the likelihood of skin irritation due to the use of those materials. 

Everyone has their own preferences, whether it’s with makeup or anything else in life. But if being eco-friendly and using products with organic ingredients is important to you, “clean products” are definitely worth checking out.



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